An illustration of a phone. On the screen it says "The Good App" with an animated halo over top and angel wings off to the sides.

The Good App: Visions for a Dream Social Network

October 25, 2021

In another reality exists The Good App. This app fosters connections that spill over into real world relationships. This app helps people reclaim their sense of belonging. This app allows people to discover their passions and share them with others who appreciate them. This app rewards inclusion over divisiveness and prioritizes wellness over profit. This app is a tool, not an addiction. This app pays creators to make their content free and accessible. This app spreads messages of collective healing.

I am left wondering if maybe it isn't an app at all. We are searching for something on social media. We hand over hours of our time and attention. Hours that are stolen away from our hobbies, our spiritual lives, our relationships. What are we really looking for? How else can we get it?

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