An illustrated portrait of Desiree Dahl with alienesque facial features positioning her hands like she's casting a spell.A cute illustration of a laptop with sparkles around it.

Hi, I'm Desiree.

I'm a freelance web designer and illustrator based in Iowa City.

UX Case Studies

Mockup of a website design for the homepage of the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature organization.

UNESCO City of Literature Responsive Redesign

Redesigning a responsive website for the Iowa City UNESCO City of Literature organization to help users stay in the loop about literary events.

Mockup showing a design for an ecommerce site on different device sizes.

Ecology Branding and Site Design

Designing a responsive website for a sustainable clothing brand to help customers find the right fit when shopping online.

Desktop mockup of a Netflix user settings screen.

Netflix Content Warnings Feature

Adding a feature to Netflix that gives users greater control over potentially triggering or distressing content.

Case study coming soon.