Hi, I'm Desiree.
Pleased to meet you!

I’m an artist and UX/UI designer creating mindful products for humans. I’m on a mission to use design for social good, making accessible products that give people autonomy over their digital experiences.

My Backstory

I earned a BFA in Studio Art with emphases in Printmaking and Graphic Design and a minor in Art History in from the University of Northern Iowa. I have over 10 years of professional design experience, ranging from working in a university communications office, to designing and installing car wraps at a commercial printer, to managing non-profit marketing campaigns.  I landed on UX design when I realized I could combine my passion for design with my skill in observing and empathizing with human behavior.

I love the Iowa City creative community, and I spend my free time making art and teaching workshops at the Iowa City Press Co-op. I also enjoy yoga and meditation, walks in the wilderness, and learning about edible plants, off-grid housing solutions, and sustainability.

Have something in common?

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