Photo of a person holding up a large crochet square with different colors for each row. The square is about 3 feet wide and covers the person's face.

Mental Health Blanket

February 5, 2023

Here's the January square for my 2023 mental health blanket! Basically, the idea is that you track your mental health each day and assign each state a color. I'm doing a square for each month. At the end of the year, you end up with a picture of how your mental health was. In the future, you can wrap yourself in the blanket when you're having a bad day and it serves as a reminder that you've survived all of your bad days in the past and that they're only temporary.

You may notice that my square is big, and that's because I selected a super bulky chenille yarn. I will probably only end up doing 6 months, instead of the whole year, because otherwise my blanket would be absolutely enormous. And that's okay, because I make the rules!

For the tracking part, I log how I'm feeling each night in my daily note in Obsidian (a note taking app) and it generates a table that gives me an overview. I usually crochet the next morning, but if I skip days, I always have the log to go back to, to figure out which color comes next.

I really love working on this project because it takes something simple like crochet and makes it needlessly complicated! (Genuinely.) The project is based on a temperature blanket, which is something that has existed in the crochet community for years. I didn't come up with this idea, I saw it in a YouTube video by whatnikkimade, which you should watch if you're interested in the project!

Wish me luck on 5 more months of sticking with it (and some fantastic mental health days!)

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