Sketchbook page depicting doodles of four costume designs, one flower themed, one earth themed, one water themed, and one volcano themed.

Iowa City Joy March Brainstorm

January 24, 2022

1/21/22 - Sketching Ideas

I was inspired by the winter @icjoymarch photos to do a little brainstorming for spring! I'm thinking something with mother nature vibes, but that could go in a lot of different directions.

I cannot tell you how excited I am for spring. It's been like a week since I've spent any significant time outdoors and being inside all the time is brutal. Ready to welcome spring and her revitalization. 🍃

Update: 2/23/22

Was cleaning out my studio today and *almost* got rid of these weird packaging materials. Then I realized that they could be an interesting material to make a big head for #icjoymarch this spring. It looks nothing like the original sketches I came up with, but sometimes you gotta just play around and see what happens. Lots of ideas for potential directions if where to take things from here. Check out the process up to this point below and stay tuned for more!

Update 3/3/22

From this point, I took a photo of myself in the mask and used ProCreate to sketch out potential visual directions. I came up with four different concepts, similar to my initial sketch, but incoporating the recycled mask. I then put them to a vote on my Instagram.

Person in a lavender overall dress with a purple mask covered in large purple flower petals with eyes and teeth.
Person in a mask shaped like a volcano with a sun shirt and mountain skirt.
Person with a water-themed mask and dress. The mask is covered in little eyes.
Person in a grassy mask and dress with flowers throughout.

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