Illustrated blue printamking tools (an etching needle, a brayer, a screenprinting squeegee, and a burnisher) surround the Iowa City Press Co-op logo.

Organization Background

The Iowa City Press Co-op (ICPC), a project of Public Space One, is a community printmaking and book arts studio. ICPC offers memberships and hosts workshops and events to make printmaking accessible to anyone with an interest.

I first became involved with the Iowa City Press Co-op in 2015, when the organization was still known as Zenzic Press. I helped with the rebrand to Iowa City Press Co-op, designing the logo and illustrating printmaking tools (above). I have designed many workshop brochures, posters, and other promotional materials over the years. Below is a sampling of some of the projects I have worked on with this organization.


Visual Goals

• Clean, classic, versatile
• Demonstrates co-operative operation of the organization
• Can be paired with a variety of visual styles


As an arts organization, it was important to allow room for experimentation. Members didn’t want to set brand colors or commit to rigid visual standards because they knew that the logo would be used in a variety of contexts and would be paired with different art styles.

The negative space in the logo comes from the wheel on a printing press. The filled in shapes in the center represent the flow of creativity from the collective. The outer spokes convey forward motion, using the power of print to inspire action.

Logo for the Iowa City Press Co-op

Promotional Materials

Print Day in May

I collaborated with fellow ICPC member, Lydia Diemer on designing posters for the annual Print Day in May event. Together we brainstormed concepts and imagery. Lydia designed the floral background image and I did the house illustration, layout, and typography.

Stack of letter-sized flyers. In the center, there is an illustration of a house that says PRINT DAY IN MAY in big letters across the front. Near the bottom of the house, it says "at the Iowa City Press Co-op." Around the edges, the flyer says, "Enjoy live printmaking demonstrations, view work from local artists, pop up print sale, take a tour of the studio."
Instagram story with illustration of a house that says "Print Day in May." Below, there is text that says, "Saturday May 7, 1-4pm at the Iowa City Press Co-op. 225 N. Gilbert St. Iowa City."
I also created corresponding promo images for an Instagram carousel, Instagram stories, Facebook event, Facebook post, and email newsletter. (Instagram story and carousel images pictured above.)

Workshop Brochures

Early in my involvement with ICPC, we started publishing printed brochures for each season's workshop schedule. At the time, the organization had a very small social media following and internet presence, so printed brochures and posters were an effective way to share information and stay top-of-mind for prospective workshop attendees.

The organization still uses printed promotional materials to share information for people who stop by in-person and at community events, such as Iowa City Arts Fest and Pride.

A printed tri-fold brochure on a table with text about workshops at the Iowa City Press Co-op.